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Adam, Alan and Cassie talked to HFA about their experiences at the Melbourne Conference in August 2023. It was a great opportunity for young people with bleeding disorders to catch up with each other and hear the very latest information from the experts.
Jack talked to HFA about travelling overseas and managing his haemophilia for some amazing trips!

Adam was diagnosed with severe haemophilia A when he was only one week old, after developing an intracranial bleed at…

Tell us a little about your bleeding disorder I have severe Type 3 von Willebrand disease. Essentially my blood doesn’t…

Alan shares his story about how speaking with others about his bleeding disorder helped ease his transition into higher education …

You might not think to put “haemophilia” and “weightlifting” in the same sentence, but for Tim Demos this has been…

We asked some of our community members with bleeding disorders what they would tell their younger self. They reflected on what was most important to them when they were young and had some thoughtful and encouraging messages from what they have learned as they became adults.
Willem chats about being part of his local community, making friends and trying out new skills.
Willem spoke to us about working, exercising and being out and about in these days with new treatments.
Chris speaks about being a youth leader with his local Haemophilia Foundation, camps, catch-ups and life with haemophilia these days.
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