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Getting older

Growing up with haemophilia in the 1950s and 1960s was very different to having haemophilia today. Mike was born in…

Advances in haemophilia treatment and care over the last few decades have meant that there has been overall increase in…

My name is Perry. I have von Willebrand disease type 2a. I'm in my 70s, and I didn't get diagnosed until I was in my late 50s. I live with the disease and I would like to talk about that.
Zev, Mike and David have severe haemophilia. They talk about their strategies and attitudes to life that help them be resilient and live well.
Zev and Mike have severe haemophilia and don't let their bleeding disorder stop them from enjoying life. They explain their goals for the future and what they do to stay active and maintain their independence.
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