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HFA would like to understand what our community members want from their haemophilia treatments and your perspectives on gene therapy in particular.
On 14 May 2024 we were fortunate to have Dr Michiel Coppens join us at the HFA office for an interview about gene therapy. Watch it now.
In this interview chaired by Dr Stephanie P’ng and led by questions from the community, Dr Michiel Coppens explains what gene therapy is, how it works, and how it can be used to treat people with haemophilia.
The 22nd Australian Conference on Haemophilia, VWD & Rare Bleeding Disorders is coming to Brisbane on 16-18 October 2025.
Jenny shares her story of how she discovered she had acquired haemophilia and how it was able to be successfully treated with the support of her hospital and Haemophilia Treatment Centre.

* Jake is not his real name ‘Now that my liver is working better, everything is better.’ Curing hepatitis C…

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month spans the month of October and is an opportunity to help raise awareness about haemophilia, VWD and other bleeding disorders.

David is an Australian community member. He spoke with Suzanne O’Callaghan from HFA about his experience of treatment with one…

Paul was diagnosed with hepatitis C as a teenager. After treatment with the new DAAs he has finally been cured….

Len Minty has moderate haemophilia and had chronic hepatitis C until he was cured this year. He estimates that he…

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