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WFH Global Summit on Women and Girls with Bleeding Disorders

On November 19 to 20, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is bringing together patients, health care professionals and members of our national member organizations (NMOs) for a two-day Global Summit on women and girls with inherited bleeding disorders. This event will help participants learn more about the realities of how women and girls are impacted by bleeding disorders, and address diagnosis challenges. It will also help participants become more aware of the stigma and isolation that is often experienced by female patients, and find out about what NMOs are doing to raise awareness and advocate for these women and girls. Everyone wants to be heard and to feel recognized.
The WFH Global Summit on women and girls with inherited bleeding disorders is an important step for ensuring that the voices of women and girls are heard, and for encouraging future collective actions. Join us on November 19 to 20 for this important global event.
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