HIV and Bleeding Disorders

In Australia during the mid-1980s some people with haemophilia acquired HIV from contaminated clotting factor concentrates made from human plasma. They may also have been co-infected with hepatitis C through their clotting factor treatment products.

Since that time Australia has made great advances in the safety of clotting factor products. See the Safety and Supply section to find out more.
What is important if you or someone close to you has HIV and/or hepatitis C co-infection?

  • Access to the latest health information
  • Getting care from a doctor and health care team specializing in HIV as well as from the Haemophilia Centre team
  • Keeping a regular check on hepatitis C and liver health
  • Ongoing support to help with the social, emotional and health impacts

HFA provides advocacy, education and support to people affected by bleeding disorders and HIV.

Date last reviewed: 7th April 2009