HFA Youth Leadership & Mentoring Program

The Youth Leadership and Mentoring Program was started in 2003 by a group of young people and HFA.

The vision of the program is:

For young people with haemophilia or a related bleeding disorder and their siblings to develop skills and confidence to make positive choices for the management of their health, care, recreation and personal relationships so that they can lead independent, active and fulfilling lives and participate actively in the bleeding disorders community.

The new youth program is a result of the Beyond Prophylaxis project which was developed from a needs assessment that was conducted in 2012. It has now become the Youth Lead Connect Program.

The youth program looks at ways for young people affected by bleeding disorders to communicate with each other, share experiences and learn life skills.

Youth Working Group

The Youth Working Group (YWG) is made up of young people from around Australia who have expressed interest in participating in this exciting national program. They bring their own experiences and what they know as individuals to the project rather than formally representing their state or territory. With the re-development of the website Factoredin.org.au, the Youth Working Group is currently involved in providing feedback about design and content.

Youth Moderators

Youth moderators have been selected to assist with the Factored In website. Their role is to moderate user generated material and support ongoing development and further promotion.

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee was initially formed between 2003 and 2011 to work with HFA. The Leadership and Mentoring Program was run by the Youth Committee who were selected to represent most states/territories. Meetings were held on a monthly basis to discuss issues and consult, organise and participate in leadership training, organise and promote local and national activities for youth and produce quarterly Youth News. This committee was disbanded in December 2011 while the HFA Youth Project was underway. Some of the Youth Committee members have joined the Youth Working Group.

Contact and more info

If you are interested in being part of the Youth Working Group or a Youth Moderator, please contact Kassy on:
kdrummond@haemophilia.org.au or
03 9885 7800
Toll free 1800 807 173.
More information about the HFA Youth Project and Youth Working Group